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Countdown to Disney!

Disney countdown


It can be torture with little children (and sometimes just as much for adults!) when we are waiting for our much anticipated Disney trip to arrive.  This is such a creative and inexpensive way for everyone in your family to get excited about the wait.  Kids will love it because it provides a visual of exactly how many days are left until the MAGIC!

How to Save for your Disney Vacation

saving for Disney

So many families would love to to go on a  dream Disney vacation, but finances are often a major factor and it can get discouraging to realize that they just might not have the money to book the trip right now.  Be smart about your Disney planning and start saving now!   With a little planning, your vacation dream can become a reality without the added stress of maxing out your credit card! Every little bit saved really adds up fast!


Thunder Mountain Railroad


 The trains on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad are possessed with spirits of old gold miners killed by a passing flood.  This ride is full of twists and turns and goes indoors as well as outdoors. Try this train during the day and at night for a truly scary experience.   Located in Frontierland, it’s a ride I look forward to dragging my kids on – but then they are the ones who beg me to get back in line again afterward!